Its a little long, but im really stuck on what to do, please help?

well, i like this girl, i have for a while, i left for the entire summer, so i didn't want to ask her out beforehand because it wouldn't have worked since i would be leaving right after wards, so i was gonna ask her out to see a band we both like when i got back, but then this happened before i left, and i am wondering if i should just let it go or not?: a couple days before i left, me and a couple of friends were going to hang out at the girl i like's house and swim in her pool, well, i was the first one to get there, and on my way to her house, i found $26 on the side of the road, across the street from her house, i use that money to buy a bunch of stuff for our night at our other friends house, then the next day when i go home, i get a phone call from her, she said that her brother lost $26 from his wallet, and her and er friend are blaming me for taking it, they even brought our parents into it, and the main reason they think i took it from his wallet, is that while we were there, me and another friend found the wallet, and was wondering who's it was, so they thought i too money from it, but i didn't, when me and my friend found it, there was no money in it, well, since then, i have been on the other side of the country, and they are acting like it never happened, but i haven't forgotten, i was really pissed, and disappointed that they thought i would actually do something like that, but basically what i am asking, is, should i just forget about it, and continue with my plan to ask her out, or, because f what they did, not ask her out, i have been thinking about it for a long time, but i cant decide, plus we see each other and talk to each other every day


If they have forgotten about it bring it up with her and confirm that you didn't take it and that you found the wallet empty. then tell her how much you wanted to ask her out and that you still do (its really cute to hear from a guy) tell her why you didn't already ask her. Then after all that ask her out see what she says usually the girl will say yes. every time.


You have to tell her the truth about the whole matter i.e about the $26 dollars you found on the road on the road. Convince her to believe you; if she believes you, then you have to take some time before trying to ask her out. But if on the other hand she did not believe you then you have to forget her and move on with your life.