Should 13 year olds be dating?

Should 13 year olds be dating?


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I personally don't believe they are emotionally mature enough to enter such an intimate emotional relationship. But everyone differs, I suppose. However, if by "going out", you mean going to the movies with a large group of friends or school dances together, it's fine. But they certainly shouldn't be as serious as to consider sex or anything even remotely similar to it(judging by questions I've seen on yahoo answers).


Why Not? I Started Dating At 12!


heck no...too young


Yes N Y NOT?




I'm 13 too! To be honest, it's wrong, yet we tend to do it. I've never dated and I'm saving that for collage.


I lost my v card to a 13 yr girl when I was 14 so id have to say its oookay :)