Guys....any advice for me?

I work with this guy, and have worked with him for a long time. He and I were friends on Facebook, until I got promoted(he went for the same promotion too). He was practically begging me to go with him to a 4 day long festival out of the cities with him and his friends too.

Anyways, the other night he said, "My girlfriend started sewing a dress. She even sewed my shoes." I said to him, "Your girlfriend sewed your shoes?!" and he corrected himself."No, my ex girlfriend sewed a dress but it would have been funny if she sewed my shoes." The oddest conversation I can think of, but ok.

As I mentioned before, I work with this guy and now I am his boss. He is always talking with me. I sit right across from him and is always joking around with me. He always agrees with me now too. (That's just weird, btw.)

My friend/coworkers asked why he deleted me too, and he told her it was for political reasons. He said I posted something on facebook about Obama that he did not agree with.......I posted nothing about Obama......... What the?!


how weird. seems like he's sucking up to you to be nice and at the same time has negative feelings towards you... although why he'd delete you from facebook i dont know, unless he no longer feels comfortable with you being his fb friend but just wrote it off as "political reasons". at the same time it makes you look controversial. overall i wouldnt really trust him since you had been both trying to get the promotion and now he's acting out.


It sounds like he likes you, and that was just his awkward attempt of throwing out there he's single. If you like him you should go for it.