Why do married guys want to sleep with single girls?

Guy was chasing and lusting after me at work. So in the end I just gave up my job (and it is seriously hard to get a new job), because I didn't want to get involved with all the ****!

And after that he has the cheek sending me his wife's jewellery (I gave it back, after finding out from the swarski shop that the jewellery was part of a set)! And makes me listen the crap he is telling about his marriage problem. I also found out he cheated on her before and he had his 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chance already!

Was I wrong telling the whole issue to my bf? He went ballistic and almost beat up the guy!

Why are some married guys full of ****?


Every guy wants to sleep with every sexy girl when they are single. Being married only tames it.


Gee I never had a job yet, still goin to college, and guys flirt, but never come on strong like that and yes you were right to tell your BF, that shows somehow you don't have to have trust issues, or hide stuff from each other. I think you did right.