What does it mean when she jokingly says "marry me"?

well, its one of my best friends, i make her laugh to the point of almost peeing her pants on many occasions, and when this happens, she sometimes says "marry me, right now please, that would make me set for life in the laughing department" she has said it about 3 times, not he same thing, but its always "marry me" followed by something else, and i dont know if this means anything more than her just saying it jokingly, does she like me? if so thats good, cuz i like her


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I think she does like you, or she likes the feelings you give her. Next time she says "marry me", you should do something either funny or romantic.

Funny: Stand up, and yell "I do!"

Romantic: Get down on your knee, and tell her you won't marry her yet but you'd like to start off by dating. And tell her you're serious.

I still jokingly tell my boyfriend to marry me or that we should get a house.

And we're always joking, but deep inside, I'd love to.


she might like you


Ask her one day randomly if she would have any feelings ffor u?


I did not read this, but I have to poop.


She Might like You but then again what if shes joking, Every Girl is different. You should ask her yourself


It's a joke. I say it whenever a girl proves she has a brain in her head. Doesn't mean anything.


I reckon she just loves your humour, you'd have to ask her if she has any further feelings towards you.


Why don't you ask her? It could mean many things. Next time she says it why don't you say "are you serious?" or "okay" haha

~Good Luck!