Should you trust your bf/gf if they tell you that they hang out with their ex?

My BF told me that he still hangs out with one of his ex. They go out for a beer, to a concert or the movies. He has mentioned in the past that she still has feeling for him but he is not interested. What upsets me the most is that he mentioned that they have stayed in the same room when they go to conferences out of town.

I really want to trust him but I'm having a hard time right now to do that.


Trust is very important in any relationship. Has he ever done anything to make you think he is unfaithful? If your secure in your relationship you should have nothing to worry about. I have almost all guy friends and my boyfriend understands that and trusts me as I trust him. Remember you have to give trust to earn it. Maybe have a talk with him and tell him how you feel, I'm sure you'll be able to work something out. Good Luck!


Talk to him about it! Say your not happy with it!


No, trust the bf but not too much you might be disappointed with him later. But never ever trust the ex, they're evil I tell ya. She already told that she still have those feelings. She may have a motive. Because if she don't she will get off on it already.

Ask him, ask him to answer honestly and tell him you trust him.


Tell him how you feel. He might not have feelings for you but I don't think that matters. An ex is an ex. Those feelings used to be there and still probably are. That's just plain wierd and suspicious they stayed in the same room when they went to a conference out of town! Tell him you need to know he's fully committed and you will feel comfortable if he stops to hang out with her. If he has a problem with it dump him! There's no reason he should be hanging out with his ex and not really any girl for that matter if he wants to be with you. I could understand my boyfriend hanging out with a girl if she was gay. That's the only way I could understand. I would never hang with my ex or any guys for that matter unless it was my gay friend. We did almost go out six years ago but he came out one or two years later. He's gay. I don't like the sound of this though. I don't think he should be talking to any of his exes period and this would make it so hard for you to trust him which maybe he can't be trusted if he's hanging with his ex.