10 Points! If A Guy Asks....?

Kayy so my friend J and I were talking last night and admitted i kinda liked him .

Mee:I Kinda Like Youu

J: U like me

Mee:Yess-I Kinda Do

J:Would you ever date me? Just asking

Mee:Im Not Allowed Too Date Yet.. Whyy?

J:JW. Why cant you date anyone? that sucks

Mee:Too Young-How Does It Suck?

J:How is it 2 young?

Mee:Thats What I Said!

Yeeah Does It Sound Likee He Likeees Me? We Have Been Textingg Each Other All Week... I Have Dated Him Older Bro A Few Months Ago Though... He Is Likee 14 And Im 13-And Yeeeah Im Not "Supposed To Be On FaceeBook And He Has Asked Me Abouut 3 Times If I Havee Added Him Yeeet...

Should I Wait Fooor HIM To Bring That Convo Up Again? Or Should I?


first off you put way too many extra and capital letters girl! tone it down...

yeah it sounds like he likes you, if you really like him, bring it up again, but gently not too foward.


It seems like he does but wait a minute... Did you date his older brother? He's not gonna like that.


I have a feeling he likes you :) hes wondering if you guys can date, blah blah blah :D

answer mine:…