How to talk to girls through text/bbm without it getting awkward?

Okay I am a 15 year old guy and I ask this question because last night I probably had the most awkward conversation ever on bbm. I dont usually talk to many girls because i am really shy but i started talking to this one girl and the conversation was stupid, and not going anywhere so after 20 minutes i ended it by saying my battery was gonna die.

I really want to avoid that and have fun,flirty conversations with them.

I know this isnt easy and there is no simple answer on how to have a good conversation with girls but i need some help/ideas.

What are some good ways to start the convo?

What are some appropriate questions to ask girls that i dont know very well that wont make me sound lame?

And What should i do when the convo starts dieing, like what should i change the topic to?

Thanks in advance!


ask how the girl is, what she's upto, talk about the weather, tv programmes you both watch, stuff you might do out of school, school subjects, food, your parents, tell jokes if you know any, talk about any pets you have they may have done something funny? brothers, sisters, family members, friends, teachers, after school clubs, disco's, internet stuff, games you play, there's loads to chat about!

ask her what her favourite colours are? what she likes to wear? if she likes make-up? is she abit romantic? what music she likes? (you could make her a cd with her fav songs if your clever enough)

ask her if she plays instruments? what she does in her own time? ask her about homework? fav subjects? plenty to chat about and ask! :-)