Ways to get my ex girl back ASAP?

She is leaving me, as she has got a good job in other state. I want my girl back. I can't leave without her. She is not answering to my text and speaking to me. We had as small fight for silly reason 1 month back. What are the ways to get my ex girl back ASAP


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Give her surprise by visiting her new home. This will work



Best thing to do: give her space. Let her live her life. Sending her a million texts won't make her want to answer you. Give her a chance to miss you! Give it a few days, maybe even a week or 2. I feel like she'll answer you if you give her space NOW!


first, did you talk about it before she left? what was the fight about? why is the reason she isn't answering your texts? she could be angry, or she could be so sad she doesn't wanna talk or maybe thinking about what to do.. give her a little time and when she answers maybe you could talk about living together?

good luck :)

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You said your ex is leaving for a job in another state and then you said you are leaving too? It looks like you two weren't meant to be if both of you are leaving. Maybe someday it might work. You also didn't state where you were going when you leave. You can't expect her to give up her life and just follow you. *


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