How do i attract boys?

i am a 11 year old girl, ik im young, get over it,

how do i attract boys?

all of the guys in my class, well, i just dont like them,

how do i find ppl out of skool? i hav a fone, and a facebook,a email, and a twitter....

what do 11-13 year old guys look for in a girl?


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ok... I say looking for a guy is not a GOOD thing to do,...

have them come to you. be ur self, someday u will find him and u will get together.

Guys at those ages are not the best guys out there. Most seek a girl who is cute and nice..

I say be ur self, go out to movies, libarary, park, etc.

Honesty, no offense, I say u should focus more into ur school (studies) and as u get older u will see nicer, sweeter, caring guys, better then the 11-13 year olds. BEIEVE me they are much better and plus u will have privlage to go out, date, etc, but as for now, do not look for a guy.. if a guy likes you he will come up to u, but PLEASE do not go onto the internet to search all u will find is a crazy guy who might even Lie to u that he is 11 and is actually 47 years old. CREEPY i know.... do not do this... u will soon find someone, and its all done by you not looking and him coming over to you...

If u look some guys sees that u r desperate and will take advantage of you and it wont be true love...

focus in school, and as u get older u will see how guys come after you.


hope I helped :)


Wear a training bra:)


at that age boys are concentrated on video games and tv.


you're 11.

NOT gonna get over it.

way too young to be worried about "attracting boys."

you're even too young for this site.


haha well me being a boy and all, i really like to see a girls bangs down it makes girls look hot rather than pulled back in a pony tail....pony tails are horrible - no offense


I'm 12 and i have to say that i think boys our age don't look for personality traits in girls...but rather looks...wear makeup....for a start and also try to dress in skinny jeans...hoodies...that kinda thing

oh and also wear your hair down long and wavy


Well, how about guys in other grades. I was eleven when i was in seventh grade, and turned twelve on March. If you really have to go look for someone outside of your school, then go online to dating sites. Or some games, you could find someone your age, but they could be annoying.


don't bother, honestly. when i was ur age i always use to get told that i'm too young, i couldn't understand it at the time but just don't bother cos its really hard and stressful and you become very depressed.

me dad always said this to me, learn from other people's mistakes and not ur own.

try and learn from my mistakes and not learn by experiencing it yourself, because your not going to like it believe me.

think about it and hope it helps