How to make a Capricorn man miss you and want you back?

I am a Virgo & we have been together 5 years. For the past year he has been saying he doesn't want a relationship anymore and doesn't feel like he "used to". He wants to just be friends and keep having sex. I do it because I hope he will start feeling in love with me again. He says he wants to "go out", but hasn't done it yet. He's either with me on his days off or at home playing video games. He has lost 40 lbs & says he's depressed and feels "trapped" with me because I threatened to hurt myself when he tried to break up a couple of times. Now he says he's still seeing me to try to make "the transition" easier for the both of us.


Im sorry i cannot answer your question, but at least i can offer a little insight. Capricorns are very devious creatures. I'm guessing that you knew you'd be with this man for life and that originally they did everything to make you feel as though you were the one. I was or rather am married to a Capricorn who after 8 years decided that she needed to move on after finishing her degree and finding a job. She abandoned me with our 2 children to pursue a new relationship and a new life and somehow it was all my fault. After sticking by her when even her family wouldn't and bringing her into my family she has back stabbed and betrayed all of us on numerous occasions without even a care or an apology. anyway i am not here to spill my personal life on the net to a stranger but i am sure that you can see where i am coming from with this.

Capricorns will manipulate and hold secrets till the end. And trust me they have the end plotted and planned out way before you even knew it was coming. in the Tarot the Capricorn card its represented as the Devil. So yes they will stick around for the sex until something better in their narrow materialistic and selfish opinion comes along. I am assuming that the only reason he is still around is that he wants to hurt you more, his plans to move out didn't fall through as he expected, or that the girl he is leaving for doesn't like him as he thought she would.

Honestly i would just tell you to say F$% him and try your best to move on. I know it is hard not to love these lovely old deceiving goats. Another thing about Capricorns is that they are ruled by Saturn giving them the ability to detach from emotional situation very easily. To a fault. Their morality is only a tool they use to get what they want and once it is not needed they have no morality. In fact they can be the most devious of the whole zodiac. He will hurt you. Be careful. I hope the best for you and am sorry i can not offer you more help.

@ bear this woman is emotionally hurt and desperate after a 5 year relationship that is more improtant to her than her self. You dont have to be such an ***. I would boot you so quick if i could. You could have offered her comfort. What a looser. Go hang around a play ground and mess with the kids you looser.


Your A Virgo (Like Me)

Were Known For Thinking With Our Heads Not Our Hearts

Done Let Someone Walk All Over You

The Most Stable Combination For A Virgo Is A Cancer Anyways


i know this is the last thing you want to hear right now, and i know your feelings are very strong, but you need to just let him go. you'll find love... but you need to see a therapist, that's very abnormal to say you're going to hurt yourself to keep a relationship alive. please seek help.

good luck!


You both have issues. There's codependency and emotional blackmail to name a couple. Not to mention he's using you for sex, and you're giving it up in the hopes to keep him.

This is a very dysfunctional relationship, and my best advice would be for you both to end it. If you won't however, and I know you won't, *sigh*, then my advice is to seek relationship counseling. Professionally.


yes it's true .. I am a Gemini woman. I am dating my best friend of two years. I would tell you that capricons are selfish cunning people. they love money more than people. they never do anything that has no importance to them. capricons stick around with some people only for favors. when I leave my work behind and accompany him at his leisure time. he would not even leave his face book photo to be updated later in order to talk to me or come out with me .. but I love him so much. I knew its waste of time to spend time and attention on a Capricon. they will defenitely let you hurt. you can never expect true love from them. If he is still with you may be the expected plan has not worked out the way. and it's true that they plan things the way they wanted and they know its end. stay away from a Capricon. they do not deserve good people.