Guys when do you call girls babe and Why? Will give 10 points best answer?

I went on a first date, it went great we really hit it off. He gave me a good night kiss, and had the second date set already. He text me and said he had a good time and thanks. The following day when he text me he called me babe never before he did that. I want to know if I'm looking too much into it or does it means something else, I'm sure is good I just need male imput and what would you guys be expecting meaning reciprocating with a term of endearement, or just go with the flow?


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well I am not a guy, but the guy I am just starting to date JUST started calling me babe.

It's a bit weird at first I'm not going to lie.

Just go with the flow.. I am a nickname kind of person as well... so I like to say "babe" too.. and after he says it then I don't have a good response anymore!

If it's on the phone then you don't need to say any name back to him. If it's through texts, maybe say "......... cutie! :) " or something.

And it means that you're his babe :) or that you ARE a babe lol.


I called my girl friend babe after we established that we were exclusive to each other. When we became official i called her babe. You can not just say babe after couple of dates, that word must be only used if the other person agrees too. If you feel uncomfortable, you need to tell him to slow down because you don't want to rush into a relationship, you want to flow naturally.


The term babe, goes back many generations, and most men use it, when they like the lady. It's a term of affection, much like all things sweet. As in, Honey, baby, sweetheart, or sweetie.

One old time movie star, Clark Gable, used it in all his movies, and at that time the forties and fifties, he was the King of Hollywood.

So just go with the flow Babe. you'll learn to love it.


when a guy calls a girl ''babe'' it means he thinks of you as beautiful and he likes you.


when i say babe im usually just kidding but its kind of a dumb word? but guys do little things like that to see if a girls into him. its the same as touching your leg with theirs and judging on their reaction. you can tell alot about them with that



means either cute or:

that he really likes you a lot ( like a mother to her child)


maybe he wants you hourny? idk but you like it, right? I know i would, he seems to really dig you. ( :


Sometimes it comes out on accident but then we say it cus we may think your hot.