Do guys like it when girls play with their hands/fingers?

Do guys like it when girls play with their hands/fingers?


It depends on how much he likes you. If a girl that I really like is playing with my hand/fingers, then it's a really good thing. I don't necessarily think that it's that great of a spot to play with. I know that between the fingers is a somewhat sensitive spot. If it's something that you really enjoy doing, then do it anyways. You will be able to tell if doesn't like it by his reaction. Generally when I like a girl, she can play with any area of my body and I'll like it. Honestly, the best thing I can tell you to play with (besides the obvious stuff) is his hair. Having a girl run her fingers through my hair and even subtly scratching my scalp occasionally feels AMAZING. Even working your way over to his earlobes with your fingers while your playing with his hair feels really good. But if you have a thing for his hands and fingers, I wouldn't complain if I were him. It just depends on how he feels about it though. You can't know until he gives you are reaction, so you should go for it :)

Good luck to you! :)


when a girl you like plays with any part of you, we like it.

also, when you are first getting to know a girl and she starts playing with your hands/fingers it helps a ton if you are to scared to make the first move and hold her hand. i remember those days. haha.


I sure hope so lol. I just realized I tend to do that a lot...XP


Yes, especially when it leads to you playing with other things of theirs lol


...........can't say iv'e ever thought about it.....