Differences among the Gold and Platinum Flash Pass?

Alright well I'm basing this on Six Flags Great Adventure in NJ.

The main thing I want to ask is what is the difference between the Gold and Platinum Flash Pass?

I never consider going to Six Flags without 1 or with the Regular Flash Pass since you still have to wait the full time on line to get on the ride.

Did the Gold Flash wait time become longer because of the Platinum Flash Pass?

Thanks for helping.


Gold, reduced wait time by 75%

Platinum, reduces wait time by 90%. Allows you to ride TWICE.

Ride twice option not available on all rides. You have to stay in the same seat (can not switch seats). The only time you will switch seats is if you ride in the very front or very back on your first ride. Then you will be required to switch seats. In order to get your second ride in, you will have to take it then. You can not leave and come back for your second ride, it doesn't work that way.

By reducing wait time, it doesn't cut the line, but reduces the time you will wait to get in line.

For example: It is 1 pm and the wait time for Roller coaster A is 100 minutes.

With the gold pass, your Q-bot will buzz you to enter the line at 1:25pm

With Platinum, your Q - bot will buzz you to enter the line at 1:10 pm.

When you enter the line, you will go through an alternative entrance. The line you wait in, consists mainly of the station only.

Be warned, your fellow guests can be very rude to the double riders on the platinum pass. I have seen it many times and have been cussed at as an employee at the rides too. They don't care that you paid $89 extra to do this. But that is too bad for them, you paid, they didn't.


I'm not completely positive, but I think that the Gold Pass wait did get longer due to the Platinum. I think Platinum performs how the Gold previously did, except that you get to ride the coasters twice without getting up, if you choose to. I think the new Gold is operating at about 75% (it used to be probably around 90), meaning that with of a 100 minute wait, you'll have to wait about 25 minutes for your pass to be ready.