What rides should i ride when i go to knotts?

What are must ride rides i should go on im 11 what rides do u think ill enjoy


It depends.

If you don't like thrills too much, Pony Express, the log flume, Jaguar, and Sierra Sidewinder are for you. None of these are too intense, and Pony Express is very interesting.

If you like thrills, not too intense, Xcelerator, Montezooma's Revenge, and the rides listed before are for you. Xcelerator looks intense, but it has no flips, the launch isn't bad at all, and once you've been launched the adrenaline makes the fear go away. Montezooma's Revenge is the same thing, except it just isn't as good of a ride.

If you really like thrills, then every ride is for you. Ghost Rider is my personal favorite ride at the park, though is is very bumpy and very long. Silver Bullet is also fun, but it is quite intense as well and has lots of flips. Don't plan to go on anything after Silver Bullet, go eat lunch or something, because it makes you a little queasy. Boomerang is fun, but it hurts. my ears were really red, not to mention it isn't a great ride.


Silver Bullet

Log Ride

Sierra Sidewinder

High Sierra Ferris Wheel

Montezooma's Revenge

La Revolucion



Hat Dance

Dragon Swing


Bigfoot Rapids

Pony Express


Supreme Scream

Perilous Plunge




Wheeler Dealer Bumper Cars


Definitely do Montezooma's Revenge (in Fiesta Village), GhostRider (in Ghost Town), and Boomerang (in the Boardwalk area). All of those have a 48" requirement. If you're 52", try Supreme Scream and Xcelerator (both are in the Boardwalk area). And if you're 54", do Silver Bullet (in Ghost Town). That covers the coasters, but there are plenty of other rides like the Timber Mountain Log Ride (do that one early in the day- it tends to get a long line), La Revolucion (a swinging pendulum ride that rotates), and RipTide.

My personal favorites are Silver Bullet, Xcelerator, GhostRider, La Revolucion, and I also like the Sierra Sidewinder (in the Camp Snoopy area, it's a coaster that spins you).