How to sneak a camera on a roller coaster?

I want to make a POV video of the racer at King's Island in Ohio. I have a samsung dx-205 camera. It is kinda big. How do I sneak it on without the workers or anyone seeing me?


hmm, well you can always stuff it in your pants, although this is kinda weird, it might just work, they don't frisk you before you go on a roller coaster...


disassemble it and stick it in your pockets. It should be secure.

Another way is to get a permit from the park that states they have allowed you t film the ride. Call Guest Relations for more information.


there are many ways to sneak a camera but you should actually think about how you will keep your hands on the camera. Even a wrist strap isn't secure enough to keep from the camera flying away


where a hoodey and keep in the big pocket of course u might be hot while your in line but...


stick it up your butt