Why are people allowed to wear sunglasses on water slides, but not eyeglasses?

I have to wear my eyeglasses around water parks because without them im basically blind. I get to the slide and the people in front of me have on their designer sunglasses (same price as my glasses) and they get to go down with them on their face like normal, but I always have to take mine off and hold them the whole way down! I think I have a better chance of loosing them if I have to hold on to them because there is always water flowing, I have to grab on to the bars on the tube, or my hands are just slick. It bugs me that I always have to do it. Not to mention this happens at every place I go. Your thoughts?


Sunglasses are usually made of shatter-resistant plastic lenses which provide more protection for your eyes.

Prescription eyeglasses are usually made of glass lenses which can shatter/splinter causing severe trauma to your eyes.

But... eyewear such as prescription glasses or goggles are permitted with appropriate head straps.

Try wearing contact lenses instead.


I wear glasses, but my sight isn't that bad, so I just take them off and leave them in them in the car or something when I go to water parks. If you really want to keep your glasses on, maybe you could put a pair of sunglasses over them so then they'll let you keep them on.


That's weird, I've never been told to take mine off.