Is nick central ever coming back to carowinds!?

i heard all nickelodeon central's were being changed to planet snoopy! i dont like this haha but i was wondering if carowinds in charlotte, nc is ever going to retheme to nick central again? please answer, and if they do, please tell me when! i love carowinds!


Since management changed from Paramount to Cedar Fair, they had to use Planet Snoopy at all theme parks (Kings Island, Kings Dominion, Carowinds, California's Great America, etc.) because they do not have the licensing to use the Nickelodeon name or any of its shows. Planet Snoopy will remain there unless Cedar Fair gets licensing rights to Nick or management gets moved where they can get licensing. Hope this helps!


No, Planet Snoopy is permanent. At least until something else takes over.