What is the best theme park in the world?

Hey everyone! If I am going to visit a theme park (not saying I am haha) but if I want to someday, which would be the best one to visit!?


There will be so many opinions about the best park in the world. In my opinion, you can never skip a Disney park. They are timeless and will leave a lasting effect on you. These parks are somewhere you need to go to in your life.

Everyone here has stated some good parks to go to, but if you would like to go to one amusement park that has the most roller coaster in the world, head over to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. 17 roller coasters in one park, as most know, will never get old. They also have a wide selection of other rides that will keep anyone entertained.

I see as though you are not exactly going at this time, but when you do go to a great amusement/theme park, take these parks in mind.


Amusment parks are not theme parks. Cedar Point does not qualify. I prefer Universal's Islands of Adventure as the best theme park. It has the best rides of any theme park and now that they have Harry Potter, it is even more diverse (more islands).


Cedar Point if you love tons of roller coasters!


I think universal orlando has the best theme parks....... After that I would say Sixflags Great Adventure is the best in the world becuase it has the worlds tallest rollercoaster called KING DA KA......


I LOVE Disney World. I've been 3 times. It never gets boring. They have amazing rides. My favorite ride is either Thunder Mountain or Splash Mountain. My entire family finds Disney very entertaining. There is about 7 parks you can explore. 2 are water parks the other 5 are just theme parks but they do have 1 or 2 water rides.


I think knott's is.


disney world and canadas wonderland