Is there a Feraligatr pokemon card with 700 HP and a move of 300+ damage?

I heard this card was spotted in Northern Los Angeles, but have yet to find evidence of it online. Could you please help? I think it is a Legend card.


No. I have been playing Pokemon for over 7 years, and the highest damage of any card is 200 (Charizard ex). The maximum HP is 200 as well (Wailord ex)

Hope this helps...


hmmmmmmmmmmm... no


no there isnt ive been searching online but couldnt find any evidents and all the photos r fake!




Nope. There is no reason why it should even exist. It's fake.


Its fake, the highest Feraligator was abut 210 with 2 attacks one of 80 and the other 50...