Do Yu-Gi-Oh Booster Packs set of store alarms?

My friend tells me its easy to steal YuGioh Cards from Walmart. [He does it all the time.] He walks out the store without opening the booster pack, and BAM--no store alarm ringing. So is it true that in the booster packs and starter decks, they don't sound off the alarm?

I'm talking about Walmart, Target, possibly Rite Aid


At the rite aid in my area the alarm goes off, I walked out and the alarm went off but the cashier was like 80 years old and didn't hear haha. But at wal mart and target the alarm shouldn't go off. I always walk out with stuff. If anything just go to the bathroom and take it out of the box


I wouldn't try it, what's so good about them anyway?


You've all been reported. Have fun.


Yes. At least at walmart


Have you seen your friend do it?

He's probably saying it doesn't go off so you can get caught. Yes the alarm will go off on an unscanned item! My friends took me to jack cards with them loads of times and the alarm went off on them one time.


I AMA snitch


I snitch a lot


No the alarms dnt go off. I have witnessed my cousin walk out with a legendary collection. they won' t go off. at least not at walmart