Yu-gi-oh Truckroid Monster?

I'm asking this question because it seems its very overpowered. If truckroid that has 1200 Attack kills a monster with 1000 attack does that mean he now has 2200 attack. And if he kills then a monster with 2000 attack does that make him a 4200 ATtk Monster?!?


Truckroid has 1000 attack. When it destroys an opponent's monster (which is unlikely to happen), the destroyed card is equipped to Truckroid and Truckroid gains attack equal to the monster just equipped to it. The bad sides of doing this is that 1. It has a horrible atk of 1000. 2. Using his effect cause you to lose your spell/trap card zone

In other words, it isn't overpowered in the least.


What? No. He only gains the attack from monsters he destroys by battle (with his measly 1200 ATK) and equips to himself.


if you are using truckroid u should get sheild&sword changing its attack and defense for the turn meaning you got a chance to gain some power