Green dot prepaid visa debit using it to play online poker?

Are there any sites for online poker that accept green dot pre paid visa? I know absolute poker won't take it and won't take it either. I've tried buying vouchers and that dosn't work either. I just wanna play some on line poker for money. I tried using my pay pal account but you can't use this damn card their either. Any help would be awesome. Thanks in advance.


PokerStars might, they take certain special Visa cards and they want people to email them at to ask them the specific ones they are accepting at the moment and if they will accept your card............................


This is a pre-paid visa right?

AFAIK (As Far As I Know) accept it.

You can try opening an account ad try to deposit. Use Bonus Code POKERMAZE to get 33% Rakeback and a $600 Bonus. But they should accept it, I know some you deposited with a pre-paid visa and pre-paid Matercard. Always worked.


A lot of poker sites online r a ctlpmeoe sham. With no one regulating the random' card generators, poker sites have the ability to incite huge pots by giving its players decent hands and having a draw that catches all players. The larger the pot, the larger the rake. Save urself the time and hassle, until pokersites are regulated I strongly suggest staying clear ! U will lose money in the long run don't believe me ? Check out pokerstars, that's the biggest scam in poker history.