Rate My FireRed Team!?

Wat do u think of my team, any suggestions would be nice and move sets

Kabuto Lv28: Mud Shot, Scratch, Absorb, Harden

Dragonair Lv34: Slam, Twister, Dragon Rage, Leer

Arcanine Lv33: Take Down, Bite, Ember, Leer

Pidgeotto Lv34: Fly, Wing Attack, Quick Attack, Featherdance

Blastoise Lv36: Surf, Brick Break, Bite, Rapid Spin

Jolteon Lv36: Shock Wave, Quick Attack, Double Kick, Pin Missile


Its actually pretty good. Im hoping that you are going to level them up though. You also need to teach your Kabuto something useful. Im sure that you should have a bunch of TMs. Teach it a good rock type move or earthquake if you have it. If you have a good fire move then teach it to Arcanine; flamethrower, overheat, Fireblast can be bought at celedon. Thunder would be nice for Jolteon but nescesary. But other than that its a rather balanced team that should be able to take out any team at its level if you add some power to it with the moves i said. Something stronger for your Dragonair would be nice too.


thats pretty good i guess. you might want to level 'em up a little more


Well, it depends where you are in the game. I think your Kabuto should be leveled up, and you should teach it Water Pulse. Then, teach Dragonair Thunder or Ice Beam. Arcanine should have Flamethrower, plus Fire Spin. Jolteon should be taught Thunderbolt, then teach your Pidgeotto Aerial Ace. You'll have a wonderful 4th-6th or 7th Gym team, not sure if they would work for Giovanni.