Is darkrai a good battle pokemon?

Cause i dont know if i should add him to my strong team,


Yes cause he can lure the foe to sleep the cut its hp and also he has great speed so he can make the first move quickly


Yes its too good actually so most sites consider it uber.

There are a few reasons why:

-dark void has an excellent accuracy of 80% when compared to moves like hypnosis which has only 60-65% accuracy and sleep powder with 75%.

-Its stats are also huge 125 speed basically would out speed all pokemon in the meta game bar ninjask and electrode combined with that solid 135 sp attack which can sweep teams all on its own

-Also with that it has nasty plot increasing its sp attack it insane levels combined with dark void substitute and dark pulse it makes a fearsome sweeper

So in conclusion Darkrai is a good pokemon.

Although I should not that in the uber meta game it sort of kinda sucks. See those amazing speed and special stats I mentions well nearly every other pokemon in ubers has those stats as well and more bulk to them like Mewtwo making Darkrai completely outclassed.


Decent but its defenses are average. Higher than average special attack and speed and an odd standard moveset.

It will work. But it is hacked?


He is an uber, but yes, if you know how to use him. Some options you can use with him are :

Dark Void


Dream Eater

Or go with a nasty plot special attacker :)

Some Links are:


Http:// (Pokemon of the Day, I usually just google "Darkrai Pokemon of the Day"


That websites important cause it has a Pokedex, Heart Gold and Soul Silver (Updated, the Pearl and Diamond one is outdated)

To build your team use marriland's team builder :) Hope this helps :)

He is considered an uber tho, so some people might get pissed if you use him -_-.


yes though it can be quite annoying

some good moves are

dark void

dream eater

dark pulse


for more help go to this link

it should help

what pokemon game do you want him on ..... if u tell me i can tell you were to get dream eater