Birthday gift ideas for a teenage girl?

my 14th birthday is in a couple of days and i have no clue what i want for my birthday from my dad. he keeps asking me but i don't know. i don't want to seem like a spoiled brat or anything, but i pretty much have everything (cell phone, computer, ipod touch, t.v). i love getting things that i can use all the time and i can do right away, for example, when i got my ipod touch i went crazy getting apps and music and i use it everyday. i don't mind gift cards but that's not really what im looking for. i have clothes and im not a jewellery kind of person. im not a girly girl or anything either. please, i would love to get some gift ideas that are different, not something i have to wait to use. thanks so much in advance for your ideas!


Do you have a ds,ps2 or wii or maybe if you have one of those then you can buy a game or somthing.

Ds i recomend kingdom hearts

ps2 i recomend final fantasy X

wii dont know coz i dont have one

sorry im not much halp am i,im olso your age and have the same problem,i just turned 14 four weeks ago and ended up with just perfume coz i also have everything i want(cell phone, computer, ipod touch, t.v)

You cude ask for a app card and buy a very expensive game with it,Chaos Rings is the best game u can get on the itouch and iv got it,its awesome :D

Hasnt the ipad just got realesed,why not get one of those,your apps will look 100% better on that


What about something from here?

I occupy an online boutique that sells cute little gifts:

I bet you could find some cute gifts there! Be sure to specify when you need your order so I can make sure it gets to you on time.




You could ask him to give you a reasonably nice car when your 16 rather than a bad one that breaks after a year of driving it and that could be your present for all the holidays from him from when your 14 to when your 16.


dvds. nitendo ds. craft sets. soccer ball. basketball hoop. food.


you should ask for a bow and arrow sumthin alongs those lines,it comes in really handy and once u master it u hav dinner & lunch for the rest of ur life!


a guitar? or maybe an all expenses paid night out with friends


Tell him that you're really happy with what you have now but you'd love to spend a day together, maybe baking or bowling or at an amusement park.