How do you get past the waterfall in mt. Coronet in pokemon Pearl?

I am in mt. Coronet and I am trying to get to the peak. I am now stuck at a waterfall? Im so confused. you have to use a hm waterfall to go up to the peak to go to sunnyshore to get the hm? how is that possible? can someone please please help me? i have been stuck here for forever! and please dont just put down a website, cause I have no idea how to find my answer within that site. thanks!



i'm right where the waterfall is but not in the water go back on land up the steps on your right & outside in the snow go to your left & up thru the grass inside the doorway walk up to the rock climb wall & climb it to face the grunt in your way afterwards battle the nexr grunt afterwrds go down the stpes & outside take the steps down & go all the way right to the rock climb wall face Left & Rock climb up then down the humps of steps then go around & right inside follow along & battle grunts in your way now contimue your way to the top of the Spear Pillar now go battle the grunts 1 last time but hold up here comes your rival to help you afterwards go battle Cyrus afterwards go battle Palkia but hold up here comes Prof Rowan & his assistant to talk to you about Palkia afterwards take 2 steps & SAVE now go battle & catch Palkia now give the Lustrous Orb to palkia to hold now walk back in where you came out & use Escape Rope...glad to direct you & i hope you followed what i said...


No You Are Going The Wrong Way Man The Water Fall There Just a Stone Plate if You Go up The WaterFall inside That Cave Hole There Just a Rock Press A on It There Is The Item Stone Plate.If You Want The Item You Must Beat The 8th Gym Leader and get The HM WaterFall

Here Video To Help You Get finish Mt.Coronet-………


You don't need waterfall

you need to enter mt coronet from the east side i think


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