Pokemon black and white team?

im gonna trade from my other games to get the non-native pokemn, but how does this time sound?

Grass- Tsujata (the native grass starter)

Fire- (im debating between these two, who do you think) Ninetails, Rapidash

Water- Vaporeon (i love eeveelutions, i always have to have one eevee)

Electric- Shimama (the electric zebra)

Ground/ Dark- Tyranitar

Fly/Psy- Xatu


It's ok, but fire and electric both are weak to ground, so instead of ninetails or rapidash, try a flying fire type, like charizard. Not much is known about Shimama, so you might want to rethink using it. You could try magnizone or electrode because they can learn magnet rise, which gives them immunity to ground. Xatu isn't really offensive, so alakazam would be a better choice. You should wait till more details about the 5th generation pokemon are revield before trying to make a team.