Good pokemon team? Evaluate it please! :D?

Alrighty this is for Heart gold... Here goes..

Arcanine level 55

Donphan level 52

Weavile or umbreon.. level 50ish.. (not to sure.. which is better?)

Kingdra level 58

Ampharos level 56

Espeon level 57

.. should i change any of these pokemon?


its fine get umbreon you will need it more since kingdra can learn some ice type moves you can not beat me still this is my team

Darkrai level 100 max

Tyhplosion level 74 ev training still

Kyogre level 100 shiny purple for da men lol

Arcanine level 100 shiny knows water grass and fire haha

others are random but against you i would also choose my level 71 ho - oh and my roserade.


We can't tell if it's good if you don't supply all the info. You need to supply the info on hold item, moves, IV's, EV's, and ability (If they have two).




nice, but you cant beat my friend, he got that

Kyogre 100

groudon 100

mew 100

Hentei 100

Zapdos take a guess on the lvl


Needs moar Mudkipz