What are the best, new Nintendo DS games?

I haven't bought any new games for a while now, and I have an 8 hour plane journey to waste. I'm 15, so I would prefer no childish games. What are the best new games?


- Pokemon diamond/pear/lplatinum

- Pokemon heartgold/soulsilver

- The world ends with you

- Starfox command

- New supermario bros

- Mariokart DS

- Marioparty DS

- Elite beat agents

- Guitar hero modern hits

- Guitar hero Decades

- Band hero

- Avatar the last airbender the burning


- Avatar the legend of aang

- Naruto shippuden ninja council 4

- Pokemon mistery dungeon explorers of the sky


kingdom hearts




There are no good new vvideo games. Go to the used game store, buy yourself a super nintendo and settle down for the evening with an intense game of Super Mario Brothers!


I have to say some good ones are:

-Mario Bros

-Pokemon (The diamond edition)


I like

~The World Ends with you

~Mario Games

~Grand Theft Auto

~Kingdom Hearts


Hope this helped



Pokemon is a must... also check out the Ace Attorney games, they sound stupid but they are really, really fun. If you like RPGs there are loads on DS, I've heard great things about The World Ends With You.