Pokemon Red and Blue Versions questions?

So I want to buy both Pokemon Red and Blue versions (one for me, one for my little brother) but I have some questions first.

On like and Ebay, both games are pretty expensive new, like up to $170. So I want to buy a used version of each game, which can be anywhere from $10 to $60, depending on the condition. But my question is, can the games be reset or erased?

For example, what if the previous user already caught all the pokemon and completed the game and made a bunch of other advancements. Could I overwrite that and start from the beginning on my own?

Thanks in advance.


with these games, the original red and blue, you have to be careful of weak batteries. The originals are 20 years old and the battery life wasn't meant to last that long. Also, Pokemon games became so popular that people started making bootlegged versions of them. The bootleggs are more challenging to play, but you cannot battle with them or trade with other people with them.

eBay sellers will tell you that they replaced the battery, but before you do anything once you received your game be sure to test it and makes sure it saves. Save your game and take it out of your gameboy for a couple of days. then play it and see if it is still good. Best of luck to you.


Yes u can erase the data on the Pokemon games.If u want to find them cheap look around game stores where they sell old or used games maybe you would find one there.


yea you can erase what has been on it before


Yes. Verily easily. Just start a new game by selecting new game at the start-up screen and then overwrite the previous save file. It will ask you this when you save in game from the start menu. Just select yes and it will be reset.

P.S. If you don't have the Yellow version, get it. It's much more like the show and it's got much better graphics and gameplay.


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