Pokemon Soul silver team help?



-Lava Plume

-? suggestions?






-Signal Beam


-Dark Pulse

-Confuse Ray





-Ice Punch

-Calm Mind



-Ominous Wind





-Dragon Dance

-Ice Fang



Ok, well wherever theres a question mark or DK(dont know) please give me suggestions on some moves and yee..all sweet(:

thanks in advance


Get U-turn on Xatu if you can, amazing move for low-HP pokemon.

And i would suggest taking Toxic off of Umbreon. Poison is nice but it really isnt much help against things with a lot of HP (IE a Rock, Normal, Or fighting type) And maybe replace it with Shadow Ball

On Typhlosion i suggest Fire Punch, its really high accuracy, he still gets the damage boost for it being a fire move, and it has high PP. And maybe Pursuit as a Fourth, great when the opponent tries to switch out

Gyrados i would suggest Hydro pump as a fourth, its a good all around move.


I don't get your question


typhlosion doesn't know many good special moves.

protect on xatu.

stone edge on gyrados


Typhlosion--eruption, blast burn

Xatu--confustion ray

Gyrados--dragon rage

hope that helps :)