Pokemon: Which nature is better for Bagon?

Adamant or Jolly?

I plan on using a Dragon Dance set for my Bagon, if that helps.


If you plan on using a Dragon Dance Salamence, I would go with Adamant.

Salamence is already quite fast, so after a Dragon Dance it will be very fast, which would make the Speed contribution pointless. You might as well add that 10% boost to Attack so that you can sweep successfully.

Here's a good moveset for Salamence:

Dragon Dance



Fire Blast or Roost

Item: Life Orb or Leftovers

Nature: Adamant ( Naive or Naughty, if you go with Fire Blast )

EV's: 4 HP

252 Atk

252 Spd

( Fire Blast ): 232 Atk

24 Sp.Atk

252 Spd

Hope this helps!


Ohhh, I wish I knew what you were talking about.

I'm still in the Kanto Region (pokemon Yellow :D!)