Whats you're favorite pokemon type (element)? and why if you'll like to tell please!?

mines is Ground and favorite is Water


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i like psychic and steel types but i dont really like bug types i tried training one it went terribly wrong


my favorite is dark type( they always stood out to me) and dragon type (dragons are cool)

my least is water and rock i'm just not a big fan of both


My favorite type is probably normal. I loves mah Clefable :3

Least favorite: probably flying. Don't know why. Just not a fan of it.


My favorite type is Ice....although my favorite monster is eevee's psyc form.

least is ground and rock. too many weaknesses and I dont really like most of the monsters either.


I think my favorite type of Pokemon is Ghost, because of all of the physical moves that can't affect them, and because they have very powerful moves like ominous wind and shadow ball. My least favorite is Rock type because of the lack of strong moves from most of the rock-types like Probopass and Onyx. You would think rock type is super effective against electric, but no! Plus, the only stat that is effective of rock types is their Defense. It sort of sucks haha.


My favourate is Dragon type

and my least is flying types


my favorite is fighting, my least is Steel


Mine favorite is steel, because most of the steel type pokemon are my favorite. (Skamory, Magneton, Steelix, Sizor, Bronzong, Metagross, Lucario, Emploeon,and Mawhile which I own on soulsiver