Is It possiable to kill a bear from jumping out of a tree with a sword?

I don't want to use the gun. If I stab it instead of slash it, it will be more effective right? Maybe I can build a treehouse in the woods and put a bunch food and the base?


Well what if you miss? It would be pretty angry.

If you can, please get it on video. I would love to watch.(:


Yeah but I mean you gotta be careful man.


yes it is very possible that you could kill a bear when stabbing instead of slashing it. i would go for stabbing it


well. to dont get confused, say that ur playing 'The Bear World'.


If you put enough force yes but if you miss your dead


lol...I think it would do damage but I don't think one stab from a tree will do it. You may have to do more than just one.


Did you get this idea from the new movie Yogi Bear? If so, you should know that Yogi is more friendly than your average bear.

Good Luck and watch out for Boo-Boo.