Should I get a Drowzee or an Abra for my party for Pokemon HG/SS?

I'm planning to get a Psychic Pokemon in my party such as Drowzee or Abra and evolve either one of them into Hypno or Kadabra. Which one is stronger and better for HG or SS?


speed is what you need, so pick abra, hypno has no speed, and its special attack stat is not high enough to OTK 90% of the time like kadabra, when you get a good moveset on it, can defeat most pokemon, excluding type disadvantages, such as dark and steel, teach your abra( if you pick it) an electric move, a psychic move, and two other moves that are special attack(verified by the image resembling a ripple on the move description)


Really come on you serious...

GET AN ABRA....alakazam is soooooooooo strong.....drowzee is more of a defensive type...

go with abra... and evolve it and teach it shawdow ball

but to get alakazam you have to evolve abra by leveling it up than you have to trade it to someone and have them trade back so it evolves into a alakazam…


hey dude i used to love pokemon and i say that an abra is way better than a drowzee seriously dude i know


Pokemon is childish and dumb.


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