Good PC games that fall in this category.?

OK If you see my previous question, don't answer it. Answer this one. I want a great RPG that's free for your PC. My computer has 3gbs of RAM and ATI 3100 Graphics. Make sure you can play it W/O an Internet connections and please make sure its' fantasy, role-playing, and is like TES Oblivion, in the way that it has Magic, Dungeons, enemies that level as you level, and has legendary weapons and shops where you can buy weapons and armor. Make sure its' wide open, has character customization, and, most importantly, is fun!


Diablo, Baldurs Gate, TitanQuest (all oldies but goodies heh)

They're all really great for LAN multiplayer too


well theres the one before Oblivion, Morrowind! thats a good one

also i would recommend Knights of the Old Republic 1! that is a great game, my fave rpg


This is a freeby.

Not really RPG but it's till good.


diablo, fate, one of the other elder scrolls games? like morrowwind