Whats a good XboX 360 game?

I know loyal 360 games out their like halo and gears of war..

But whats an amazing game I can get?

I might get toy story 3..

do you have any other suggestions.?


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Here are some amazing 360 games from this year in a few different genres:

Role Playing: Mass Effect 2

Action/Adventure: Alan Wake

Sports: Skate 3

Free Roam: Red Dead Redemption

Platforming: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

First Person Shooter: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Third Person Shooter: Splinter Cell: Conviction


I would say try oblivion game of the year edition. 30$ for a lot of side quests and two expansions? where can you go wrong?


For single player, Dead Rising or Fallout 3

For multi-player, Call of Duty or Red Faction


It depends on what genere you like. I'll give you my favorites.

Roll-Playing= Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion or Fallout 3

Sandbox Shooter= Red Dead Redemption

Shooter(Missions only)= Dead to Rights: Retribution

Racing= Blur

Sports= NHL 10

Hope this helps :)


Halo 3

Modern Warfare 2

Left4Dead 1 and 2

Halo 3 ODST

Bioshock 1 ( 2 sucks for me)

and Splinter cell:conviction


mass effect 1&2, splinter cell conviction,bioshock2, Alan wake get any of them there all great games


Red Dead Redemption is the most amazing looking games ive ever played and with sandbox and multiplayer, you cant go wrong with it :D


I always loved Bully.

Your just this teenage kid who goes to a private school, and you can collect items, weapons, and do missions. The game is actually very long and there is a TON to do. The best part is probably the fact you can beat up anyone.