Has anyone every finished the animal crossing game?

im just curios when it will end and how many ppl have done it already. For those who have whats it like the house?



lemme tell ya , it took forever, nook and his giant loans.

Well, the house is cool! You have your main room, it gets like 3 sizes bigger. then you have more rooms downstairs. one north (looking ahead), east and west. They are both about the size of your main room after you pay the first loan. and then you have an upstairs room that size too.

That game is the bomb!

luv it(; and make sure to have a friend buy from ur nook shop so u can get nookingtons if you havnt yet, nookingtons is AMAZING!

and note: im talking about the DS game, i have yet to beat the wii version! But im working on it:DD


The game technically never ends.

The only way to "complete" it is by

catching all the fish, bugs, fossils, art.

Fully remodeling your house.

Fully getting nooks store upgraded.

getting ALL the items ( shirts, tables, rare etc )

and there is ALOT to get. Plus half of it you need to do stuff on a certain day, at a certain time, during certain weather, etc etc.

I think its impossible unless thats all you played.


ya i beat it. but i got it a long time ago


The game doesnt "end" its a game that never ends when you are done building your house you would have 4 rooms in the first floor, second floor you would have 1 and the third floor you would have your bedroom. Hope this helped