Is WoW worth playing?

I used to play Everquest (the first one) back in the day, and I did love that game.

I'm considering playing WoW but am wondering if it's worth the time/money?

Can you tell me some pros/cons to the game itself?


Yes it is. Trust me. I play wow. i find it good. have 2 level 80's but not addicted.

if you ever decide to play add me up

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Pros:Great Social side.

A lot of diffrent race/class combo i.e Tauren druid Undead Rogue etc etc etc

Never NOTHING to do.

Great if you want to play with friends

Cons:2 expansions ( Cataclysm this november)

Gold sellers (Never even look at them)

A bit addictive.

Even though i said never NOTHING to do.. sometimes you do get bored

Price.. a 60 day Gamecard is 30 euro while its 12 a month with a visa.

Your choice



1.) Good graphics

2.) Updates are large

3.) Popular, thus there are many tutorials and such online

4.) Addicting


1.) Expensive

2.) Addictiveness causes people to slack in school/work. Actually, some companies ask employees who slack a bit if they play, and people are less likely to hire a WoW player than, say, a baseball player.

3.) You are considered a nerd if you play

4.) Very few updates

In my opinion, it is not worth it. To be honest, the only reason it's so expensive is because the game is so popular. When kids see that something is popular but costly, they will not question its quality.


its Pretty much the same thing


well it's a fun game. i mean if you like online games (e.g. runescape) you like this game. it's the best online game graphics wise that i've ever played. I don't think it's worth getting in arguments about but it's fun. If u like video games you'll definitely like it. I have a friend who play warcraft 3 but he didn't find the "alure" in WOW. The monthly fee is definetly under priced so that's a good point i mean it's probably worth like 25 bucks a month. But it's ur choice. Hope i helped.


WoW is a really fun game to play :D


1. Massive game world

2. Online Multiplayer

3. Good graphic

4. PvP system

5.Exciting combat system


1. Pay to PLay

2. Pretty old game :D

3. there are a lot better games out there like, Aion and Runes of Magic.


Pro: It's an MMO.

Con: It's an MMO.

It's all the same ****. If you've played EQ, you know what you're getting into.

Can get to max level by yourself.

Level 80 is where the fun ends and the work begins: you are judged by your gear. No gear: no friends: no dungeons.

All you do is get gear.

World PvP is nice. But people with better gear will make you their *****.