Should I get a new 360 or repair my old one?

Ok for the last few days my xbox keeps freezing if its on for longer than an hour at a time or 30 mins if im playing a game on disk. It is an arcade console with a later brought 60gb hard drive. The disk drive wont open if a disk is not in it and even then it wont open without a few tries.

I have had it for about 3 years now so its probably on its way out. I have already had to send it for a RROD fix to microsoft last year.

My warranty has run out as of last month (I think) so it would cost me to send it back to them for repair.

What I thought though was that with the new xbox model coming out I might as well upgrade my old console so I wont run into this problem when I get the older console back. Although the new console would obviously cost more than a repair I could sell the old console, hard drive and wireless adaptor for at least £80 plus I have £75 coming from the Nintendo Wii I sold to my neighbour last week so its nearly all there with those two items and Im sure I could dig up some games to sell for the rest if I cant spare any of my wages by the time the console is out (saving for my hols).

So with all that should I get a repair for my faithful console or just upgrade with the new model?

I know the obvious choice but I just want somebody else's opinion on it.


well if you sell the old xbox for at least 80 and got 75 coming in you wil have at least 155 on hand

the new xbox wil be 199 and in stores on 16 july

the choice is obvious your 360 is dying cut your losses and get the new model


i think you should really get.. PS3


First off .. Call Microsoft and check on your warranty ASAP

If no warranty I would find someone to do a reflow, costs about $25 and no gaurantee. Make sure the person is actually using a reflow machine and not just a heat gun, heat guns are bad. If all else fails buy a new (not used) console.


Hey if i was you i would buy a new xbox and sell your broken xbox for around 40 dollars and sell the old harddrive if you want for around 40 dollars its not worth repairing.