What are some good ds games for a 14 year old girl?

Shes not a hardcore gamer but she doesnt want anything to babyish either. Thanks!


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While Pokemon Soul Silver and Heart Gold are very good games there are a few others that I can recommend.

New Super Mario Bros. - Simple and Fun, a little bit challenging the further on you go

Mario Kart DS - Excellent Fun, one of the best out there, easy enough to start off with, but gets quite hard in the 150cc/mirror classes (the hardest ones)

Animal Crossing - SO VERY LOVELY, but she'd need to be on daily, which could be a problem with parenting (take it from a teen who has annoyed his parents on the odd occasion because of this), looks babyish, sure as hell isn't

Any Nintendogs - Again excellent, but again daily useage necessary, she will LOVE this if she likes dogs, but don't bother if you have a real dog

Drawn to life - Apparantly very good, I've never tried it but it seems short-lived

Cooking Mama - Great if you like to cook!

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (Sky, Darkness, Time) - Charming game, and I shall confess made me weep at one point, but is very lovely except it can be frustrating if you have little patience

Sonic Rush - Fun, but short, only for good sonic fans really, do not get if she has never heard of it

Mario and Luigi Partners in Time - Hilarious, simple, a bit of patience required, but one of my favorites

Lego Star Wars - Hilarious, but unsure of the DS version personally, but still should be fun

Harvest Moon - Any of them are excellent, never has FARMING been so much fun, this is coming from someone who hates manual labour above all else

Wario Ware Touched - How random are you prepared to go? This is frantic, simple, funny and a darn good challenge for high scores, but short lived. WARNING it is COMPLETELY BONKERS

Guitar Hero / Band Hero - How much does she like playing the guitar / the guitar itself? Good fun, and quite addictive, some great songs in there

Mario vs Donkey Kong - Fun puzzler, or so I'm told, bound to be simple and entertaining

Professor Layton - Clever Puzzler, apparently one of the best out there

Zoo Keeper - An old arcade game with zoo animals, playing the older versions of the concept, it has limited playing time

Super Monkey Ball - Challenging but great fun, appeals to all.

Bomberman - Not as violent as you think, but excellent fun, if you've seen it before the concept has not changed

Kirby - Any of these are simple, cutesy and funny.

After all of that if NONE of those sound appealing I shall give you this advice - DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BUY A GAME THAT IS FROM A TV SHOW / FILM THEY ARE ALL SUBPAR, except Lego Star Wars, THAT is good


If she wants actual games rather than the stuff that's made specifically for casual gamers, try any of the Mario Bros. games, and the Legend of Zelda games.

If she wants something more casual, try Cooking Mama or Rhythm Heaven.

Scribblenauts is also a lot of fun.


If she likes the type of fun and adventure, I'd go for Mario. If she likes virtual cooking, I'd go for cooking mama. If she just likes pets and adventure I'd go for pokemon. If she doesen't have a cat or dog I'd go for Nintendogs or Catz. Another fantastic game for her is Animal Crossing which leaves you quite free and if she is looking for guns and driving pick Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars.



Zelda, anything Mario Bros, Fable... I was playing Halo then but...


Nothing beats good ol super mario, there is a huge list of games she can play, especially if it's the original DS that can play gameboy advance games. Zelda is always a good option, and most recently I heard Scribblenauts was a smash hit.


pokémon, cooking mama? you need to know what sort of games they like.


Can't go wrong with Mario! There are also some games that people like that are based off of movies (like Narnia). Good luck!