Help! The Sims 3 Baby Glitch!?

The mother went to the hospital and gave birth to two twin baby boys. But the babies are half-normal skinned and the other half a very dark black (not the skin color black) or a very bright white (once again, not the skin color white). PLEASE HELP! I've reloaded and had the babies again three times, and still the same outcome. How can I get the babies to just have normal skin?


That is a glitch caused by CC you downloaded... most likely these Custom Contents can be the problem:

1) "Night and Day Boots"


2) "New CAS Project" (it's a picture of a vampire looking girl)

If you find these in your launcher, uninstall them and your problem should be fixed once you have another baby.

Sorry if you don't have either of those Custom Contents, it must be another piece then. Look on Sims3 Forums or something if I didn't help.