Can you have children on The Sims 3 console version, out 29th Oct?

So can you, make babies and have kids. Do they grow up? Or is it like the Sims 2 console version were you couldn't do any of that stuff?


Yes...there are six stages from infant to elder...they've left out young adult (as far as I know). They pretty much ported the pc game squeezing out some things like...less traits. There's even more than one story...finally! Google sims 3 console for more specific info. I'm still trying to find out if they're including gardening...I know you can fish but haven't seen any pics or found any info about gardening.

This one looks really good and very close to the pc version. The version I'm talking about is the XBox 360 and PS3 versions...WII is different.


You should do. Really the best was to do this is research on gamespot, there is a possibility that EA could be that evil.