World Of Warcraft 80 ret pvp pallidan?

My ret pally has low dps in instances and hes not even doing 2k dmg he has a 5.2 gearscore (mostly pvp gear) can any 1 give me some tips pls tell me what to change and what seal to use for pvp -link to my toon


your bracers need to be enchanted, and your chest needs a better enchant, you need to get an eternal belt buckle for your belt to put an extra gem in it, and replace your hit gems asap. also, you're an enchanter so your rings should be enchanted.

you shouldn't really worry about your dps in instances if you're mostly pvping, even though 2k is reallly low for a ret pally at 5.2k gs. if you're mostly focused on pvp though and you can manage in arenas and whatnot your dps in instances doesn't matter.


you can download itr from that good and fast link


Why the hell are you socketing hit for PvP? Get rid of that crap first. Also I noticed you have no wrist enchant. Also your spec is no good for pvp. Heres a better one!… that one will do you well. Use Seal of Command, and get the glyph for it as well. Make those changes and find a pro rogue and you will smash 2s to ****.


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