FireRed moveset for Jolteon?

Okay, I need help on this one. However! I am not particularly in-depth with my pokemon-playing, and neither are the people I play or will potentially play against (local friends). I don't EV train and I want nothing to do with the madness that is IV-calculating for Hidden Power. The farthest I go will be to consider his nature and his stats.

So! Could someone please give me a good moveset accesible in FireRed and lacking in Hidden Move? I'm not a big fan of Baton Pass either. And can anyone suggest a good nature to compliment his moveset?

I'm not hugely competitive, I just want a good set to play through the game and against local friends.

Right now I'm thinking:




--- (unknown fourth slot)

((Is this too picky? I'm sorry, but also, thank you for your consideration.))


Since you are using it for ingame purposes and playing with local friends your move set is pretty good. Good job not choosing too many thunder type attacks. Jolteon's moves are special based so i would recommend Timid Nature (+ speed/ - attack)

Your moveset is good Thunderbolt (good STAB move), thunderwave for status purposes and substitute works really good for Jolteon. For your last move i recommend something that can cover your weakness which is ground. An ice attack would be good for that but since you don't want to have it learn Hidden Power Ice just make sure that not a lot of your pokemon have weaknesses to ground type pokemon. For your last move you may want to give it shadowball for you to do super effective damage against psychic type pokemon (this depends on what your movesets are for your other pokemon). Shadowball might be a good idea because since you're battling with friends they may use legendaries.

Hope i helped