Kingdom Hearts Simple and Clean question?

What is the meaning/story of the song?

I know its a love song but some of the lyrics dont make sense/dont fit in.

It sorta feels like translated lyrics.

Oh and can anyone recommend similar songs? I like songs in video games since they go together so well and can enhance the listening experience. A good example would be the Final Fantasy music they get you fired up with emotions happy or sad


It makes alot of sense. The lyrics are complicated. (ironic much? xD) Well, ill tell you the story of the song, then explain the lyrics.

Artist: Utada Hikaru.

Utada came up with the the melody for simple and clean first. The japanese, Hikari, didn't feel right with that melody, so she changed it. Therfore, she put alot of thought into both songs. They have different meaning. It is noooot a "translated" song. Not in any way, shape or form. She liked the melody to simple and clean so much that she put it into another japanese song as well. "Uso mitai na i love you" She wanted her japanese fans to see that simple and clean isnt just the "english version" The melody meant something.

whew thats alot.


When you walk away you donthear me say "please oh baby dont go" simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight. its hard to let it go.

-----this song tells a story. Utada is telling us that this person that she is in a relationship is leaving, and she wants them to know that she doesnt want that, but her wishes arent heard. Thier relationship is making her feel so simple. Not comliacated just simple, unlike most. The clean part means they havent got in bad fight, like how most relationships end.

Youre getting me. To many things lately. youre all i need. you smiled at me and said. Dont get me wrong i love you but does that mean i have to meet you're father. when we are older you'll understand what i meant when i said no i dont think life is quite that simple.

----her loved on is trying to fix the relationship by buying her things, but she wants him to just be there with her. hes telling her he loves her, but he doesnt understand why he has to meet her family to prove he is hers. Hes telling her that love is deeper than that. things are more complicated.

The daily things. like this and that and what is what. that keep us all buzy are confusing me. that when you came to me. and said. i wish i could prove i love you, but does that mean i have to walk on water? when we are older you'll understand its enough when i say so. and maybe something s are that simple

---- This is a comlicated one. Have you ever been in school or work, and just wonder how you got where you are right then and wondered "how, why?" not in a bad way, or anything. Thats what she means. shes realizing things, and its confusing her. This guy want to do whatever it takes to prove his love to her, but he cant do impossible thigns. what is he supposed to walk on water? Somethimes things are more simple than they seem.

Hold me. Whatever lies beyond this morning is a little later on. Regardless of warning the future doesnt scare me at all. Nothigns like before.

----this is more of a metaphor. it saying "lets forget about the future. Whatever lies beyond this right now, thats a little later on, right? Even if you tell me i should be scared of whatever is goign to happen, im not. i want ot stay right here with you. " and of course nothings like before.


Songs like it:

guitary- lack of color by death cab for cutie.

meaning- kids, mgmt.

more by utada- sanctuary (kh2)

Do you get it now? I know it was long, but its such a beautiful song! Its my favorite song pretty much ever.


my favorite song is a thousand words from final fantasy x-2. I think you would like it. sorry if you've already heard of it and I'm not really helping at all.