Should i get NBA 2K11?

Should i buy NBA 2K11 or should i wait for NBA 2K12? OR should i get the EA Games NBA?


EA may have features not yet seen, however, for their original 2011 game, they finished production, and decided it wasn't good enough, which is a bad sign.

2k11 on the other hand is the highest rated sports game on IGN ever, which is impressive. From experience, the graphics are very good, and gameplay is smooth and my player is realistic, which is nice. A variety of modes provide for much entertainment.

That being said, I haven't played the EA game, no one has, so I cannot say. The choice is yours, you may want to rent em and test em out before and see which one you prefer better.


Get NBA 2k11 NOW! The MyPlayer Mode alone is reason to buy it.A very in depth game,has a list of Michael Jordan challenges to earn having him on your Dynasty team,MyPlayer Mode,Air Jordan collections and a pretty wicked number of players online daily,including tournaments and the whole 9.A very good game,whatever you do do not buy EA,stick to 2k Sports.