Is it legal to download Sims 2 free custom made things, and if so where?

I mean things like items, hair styles, skin colors, ect. that people created custom, and then download them for free? I know you can do this, but I was wondering if it were legal to do it, because that's the only way I'd like to do that..thanks for the help, and sorry if that question is unclear, i'll try to clarify if you need it!


Those above are good sites for mods downloads but keep in mind

that ea games will not help you if something goes wrong with the game due to

a mod not from if you have a problem first go to mod the sims where you downloaded

it, they are very helpful and will walk you thru it.


its called shareware and its legal. but i have no idea where


Yeah it is perfectly legal. Here are some of the websites that I've downloaded stuff from.


I think it's legal, otherwise the sites would have been shut down.

two sites i like:

you can google for other sites!


Yes, it's legal to download free custom content, but it's illegal for people to sell custom content, so don't buy it. You can get started with some good custom content by going to!

They have houses, hair, meshes, costumes and everything.