Do people still play Modern warfare 2 for xbox360 online?

I sold mine and got black ops, and black ops feels like its one step behind modern warfare 2. Was thinking about getting modern warfare 2 back, thats why I'm asking:)


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Yep loadsa people play it, probably has more players then BO


Yes, we're all still playing it :)


im playing it right now lol


Of coarse, the gaming world is filled with complete and utter idiots, that's where call of duty come to take them away from the good games.


No way, everyone quit Mw2 cause it sucks... that is the dummest question that i ever heard of in my life. of course people still play it dumbass


Many many people still do, over 1 Million people go online each day with it. But, the only problem is .5 million of them are snotty trash talking 8-12 year olds. So play at your own risk.


Yes, there are still people who play modern warfare 2 because simply some people will settle with a game and claim it's the best game ever or in the series. The same goes for Call of duty 4 and 2 for that matter.


you still get a lot of people playing but most of them are like 8 and sound like Mickey Mouse. MW2 still pretty good but i'd recommend playing with friends who aren't 8. =)